Camera movements have great impact on the audience,

and how they will feel towards your story.

Showreel 2020 – 2021
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As Walnut Production we aim to uncover the good stories underneath the shell in order to create cinematic content, advertisements and documentaries. We believe that Art can reveal truth and affect the world through the power of the image and the story behind it. Therefore, we transform a client’s project into a work of Art that can have a positive impact on society.
Our goal is that all of the elements of a film (sound, image, editing, art direction, directing, cinematography, storytelling, music…) are professionally and creatively used to reflect on screen something true to people. And this is what you need in order to advertise your product or deliver a humanitarian message: You need to let people stop whatever they are doing, look up and give time for your story.

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What People Are Saying

“It was great working with the Walnut Production Team, great communication, quick turnaround with some great ideas on the project. All in all a very smooth and successful process from start to finish. Thank you Geovany to you and your team.”

Saf K

“I’ve worked with Walnut on a music clip for Christmas, all I had to do is explain the idea roughly and they knew exactly what to do. They did an amazing job, we shot the video in about 5 hours and it was edited and finalized in 3 days. I loved working with them, they are very talented, hardworking, well rounded and very professional. They can turn your ideas into reality and better than you’ve imagined.”

Ray Saade

“Beautiful Image and Professional Result! – The team is friendly and easy to work with. They made it so easy for me to stand in front of the camera, and be myself.”

Jessica Houkayem

“Having shot my first ever music video with them, I couldn’t have asked for a better team. They made me feel like i’m with old friends with their professionalism and sense of humor. They listened to all my concerns, talked me through each of them and made sure I was completely comfortable on camera. Shooting with them was very fun. The execution was beyond perfect and the final project turned out way better than I had expected.”

Mia Maria Chbib