script writing

Every project starts by brainstorming the idea, and every idea needs a story.

Our team consists of long-experienced scriptwriters that can develop any idea into a visual and creative narrative that is written especially for the screen, either if it is an animation, short film, documentary or advertisement.

It depends on the type of projects but nonetheless, there is always a good story underneath the shell, and we make sure to look for it, because this is what everyone connects with, everyone is passionate for stories.


This stage is crucial to acquire a more professional result. We find the right location, and prepare everything before the shoot, which provides us with more time for creativity while filming.

This includes breaking the script down to make it ready for props and Art direction, then Story-boarding and drawing the content shot by shot to visualize the result and planning Frames and Camera Movements. It also includes time managing, or in the case of a documentary, organizing a day to day schedule.


After discussing the storyboard, the shots and the mood needed for the project, our dedicated director of photography is skilled in materializing the message of your story through the director’s vision.

We work to guarantee that this message is clear in every aspect of the film, by controlling all that happens inside the frame starting with lighting, camera movements, actors, and colors. We tend to be innovative when it comes to equipment, to acquire professional and cinematic content with efficient budgets.

Since the camera captures what’s in front of it as well as what’s behind it, we pride ourselves to have a friendly team that insures a fun and creative atmosphere for the shoot.


Editing is one of the most important stages of storytelling. Since the same story could be told in million different ways, this process is about choosing the right shots, and searching for the best possible version, to end up with a film that intrigues the audience, secures an entertaining visual experience, and establishes the proper message, while respecting rhythm and timing.

Music, Sound design, Coloring and Graphics, emphasize all of the above and are necessary for your story’s final touches.