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Toumouhat – Inspiring lives. building futures

Toumouhat’s mission is to offer continuous access to a full range of social inclusion skills that are provided in a convenient, comprehensible, & sustainable manner and presented by qualified professionals who ensure the education and success of each participant.


Men.tell is a community for men to speak, be listened to and connect.

Directed by: Lama Hatoum – D.o.p: Geovany Mounzer – Assistant Camera: Georges Toufic – Produced by: Walnut Production

LI BEIRUT – 4/8/2020

Walking in the streets of Beirut, after the tragedy of the 4th of August, we were proud to see the unity of Lebanese youth that challenged the divisions rooted in our past and the dreadful fate of our country.

Directed by: Clara Abi Nader – D.o.p: Geovany Mounzer – Produced by: Walnut Production

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