clara abi nader
filmmaker & Screen writer

Clara has a master degree in Cinema from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik. She is a screenwriter and script supervisor for Ahlan Simsim TV series on MBC3 that targets children who are facing displacement. She was part of the feature film “Morine“, by Tony Farjallah while working as editor at the Lebanese Film Academy (LFA) for two years. She also taught screenwriting and film at the LFA Summer Camp. Her silent short film “Different languages” won the Non-dire Niente film festival at Bologna, Italy. When a script is written, Clara removes her writer’s hat and puts on her director’s hat making sure that the subjects, the language of the camera, and everything inside and outside the frame reflect her vision of the story.

Geovany Mounzer
Director of photography & Editor

Geovany specializes in turning a story into cinematic images through composition, camera angles, and lighting. He studied Cinema and Television at the Lebanese German University (LGU), and worked as editor, and camera operator at Mariam TV, and Charity TV. Then he moved to cinema where he could satisfy his love for Art, get more creative with colors, movements, lighting, and framing. He worked as a director of photography and editor for four years, before co-founding Walnut. He is skilled in materializing concepts, and turning ideas into visuals either by working with images behind the camera or editing and coloring them in front of the screen. As a drummer he has a great sense of rhythm necessary for any filmmaker.

TEAM members

GEOrges toufic
Camera operator & lighting

Georges is driven, serious, and always up to date to every new technology in his department. He has a long experience with cameras and lighting, and worked in different television series like “Khaybet Amal”, music videos for Tania Kassis, DJ Rodge, Chab Khaled, or Pascal sakr, as well as advertisements. He aims for an artistic work, making sure to get the best image with the right set of lighting.

filmmaker & Screenwriter

Layal is talented, passionate, and in love with Cinema. She is always looking for new stories to tell. She studied Cinema and television at the Lebanese German University, and filmed her first short film “Deep Yellow” that was nominated to the Lebanese Independent Film festival (LIFF). She works as editor for Expert 23, writes movies and series, is a screenwriter for the kids’ show “Ahlan Simsim“, and has a knack for drama genre with a touch of comedy.

art director

Christine specializes in shapes and colors. She has a Bachelor degree in interior design and is double majoring in Audio visual at the Lebanese University. She is an assistant at Fine Art Photography academy (FAPA), and worked as Art director for many projects, and short films. She has a unique visual style, and a creative touch.


Mira is creative, up to date, and has an eye for what attracts the audience. She studied business administration and management at Saint Joseph University, then acquired a digital marketing certification. She worked as social media specialist for Feetness who is the official distributor of Scholl, Babybotte, and Kickers, and is now working at Jamalouki. She never compromises the image of a project and knows how to take it to another level.